Game Face: Bernard King
Autobiography , Sports / May 4, 2018

In “Game Face,” the biography of Bernard King by Jerome Preisler, a basketball legend talks about his life on and off the court from the beginning. Youth, college, and in the pros, King brought a certain style and New York aggression to the floor. Although an injury that some say costed his career, he bounced back and kept pushing until the end. From a 6 year old in Brooklyn, to a New York Knicks icon, Bernard King was one of the greatest to play the game in his time. The main theme from this book is King’s so called “game face”. He always goes back to this and is clearly a key role in the biography, hence the title. Bernard talks about this and how he got the game face. He focuses in on the game so much that he enters the zone where nothing else matters and he goes 100% on the floor with no turning back. At one point he says, “I could flip a switch and it was there. When my game face was on, I was tapping a deeper well of concentration.” (King, xix) Throughout his whole career, he has this mentality to go all out…

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Review by Tristan H.

In a breathtaking adventure, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, exploits the challenges some soldiers experienced during World War II. Unbroken is set in the time of World War II, following Louis Zamperini, a former Olympic long distance runner turned bombardier. Hillenbrand manages to put together a story full of pain and sadness, and still make an amazing story. What’s even more fascinating, Unbroken is a true book–Louis Zamperini is a real person who has been through all of the scenes. An important theme in Unbroken is resilience. Louis Zamperini has shown constantly throughout the book that he is a resilient person. For example, despite having cracked ribs and bleeding in pain from getting ganged up on by other runners, he managed to crush the original NCAA Championship record (1,609 meter run) at 4:20, he ran a 4:08.3. After all this, he had only missed the WORLD record by 1.9 seconds. However his run and finish would stand as the NCAA record for nearly 15 years. Despite being injured during the race, he had one of the most stellar performances in a long distance run, ever. Another example of resilience is when Louis is captured by the Japanese Navy, and he was…

Pick-Up Game by Marc Aronson and Charles Smith Jr
Drama , Realistic Fiction , Sports , Young Adult / October 25, 2017

  Pick up Game edited by Marc Aronson and Charles Smith Jr, is a book filled with emotional conflicts as each individual player deals with management, friendship, and pressure from others. This book is set in modern-day Harlem when African American kids such as Caesar, ESPN, and Waco try to strive in basketball. When the players step into the basketball court known as the Cage, they realize that focus and effort will help them make it through each match. Everyone has their own moral conflict in this book. Some people doubt themselves to a certain level, and others the question what is the purpose of the Cage? The authors do something in this book that I have never seen before; they don’t focus on one particular player or main character throughout the novel. Instead, they give the audience a general perspective of every player in the book, and they describe each player’s relationship with one another. How they do this, is that every chapter focuses on one person at a time, meaning their personalities, characteristics and conflicts. Just about every character has a deep conflict within themselves that they must try to get past and learn from it because if…

Monsters by Rich Cohen

Monsters by Rich Cohen was not only great for  Bears fans but for any sports fan in general. A good alternative title would be “The Heart of Chicago” because this football team gave the city life, a new identity, and most importantly, a championship. This story takes place in Chicago during the 1985 season. Then, it takes you to the present, where the players are now, and how their lives have been away from the game. This team proved that Chicago is and always will be the Chicago we all know and love, as the tough and rumble mid-west football city. Cohen wrote this book to provide insight on how the Bears lifted the city and brought them all together. There was no north or south side, it was just Chicago.       The first page of the book, describes how Cohen got 2 super bowl tickets, “. . . in a manner I won’t bother to go into. . .” (Cohen 1). This grabber makes you wonder how did he get the tickets? Did he steal them? Did he scalp them? “That’s what I want to know. How did he come into (“illegal”) contact with them. The author…

The Boys of Winter by Wayne Coffey
Biography , Non-Fiction , Sports / April 18, 2017

The Boys of Winter is a biography of the 1980 U.S. Olympic gold medal hockey team then and now, on their lives both outside and inside of hockey and their connection to Coach Brooks. The book starts off with a shocking tragedy with the funeral of one of the key parts in their success at the 1980 Olympic Games. Then, you go inside Coach Brook’s mind and see how he viewed life and what his life was actually like. The stories get really interesting for all you hockey fans out there, especially when the players let their guards down and say it like it is without sparing any details. Although the players take you through all the ups, the downs are really bad, almost as bad as watching a bender out on the power play.       I’ve played hockey my whole life. I’m 17 years old, and I love watching it, playing it, and even reading about it, which this book does a great job of allowing me to do. Every hockey player and fan loves to know the “how to” of each player to see what it takes to be a pro and perform at a high level. Also,…

The Boys of Winter by Wayne Coffey
Biography , Non-Fiction , Sports / February 28, 2017

The Boys Of Winter is a nonfiction novel written by Wayne Coffey and is about the 1980 United States men’s olympic hockey team. The foreword is written by Jim Craig, who played goalie for the team. The foreword discusses how Herb Brooks, who was the head coach of the team, tragically passed and is set at the funeral of Brooks. The team was assembled of all college players and set to play national powerhouses, like the Soviet Union and Sweden. They were a unique team, in the fact, since they were college rivals, this lead players, who already had bad blood from playing each other, to believe that players from certain teams were being treated differently. The way they were coach by Brooks was intense. After an exhibition game against Norway in which they were victorious, he kept them on the ice and made them do sprints, even after team doctors advised against it, and even after the rink’s manager turned off all the lights for the night, he just kept pushing. The book is mainly about the “Miracle” game and cuts away from the game to go in depth on a certain player or coach’s life before the olympics…

The Boys of Winter – Wayne Coffey
Drama , Narrative Non-Fiction , Sports / March 10, 2016

In The Boys of Winter, Wayne Coffey shows us the background on players and coaches who participated in the 1980 U.S Olympic Hockey Championship. This 1980 game is known as the greatest sports moment of the twentieth century. It is also called “Miracle” because the U.S team, composed of all college players, beat the best professional team in the world, the Soviets. This book is interesting because most people know the story of the 1980 Olympic Hockey Championship, but they do not know the background, and how the rest of the player’s and coach’s lives unfolded after the Olympics. This book tells us. For example, Dave Schneider was a big name on the team who also had a great chance in a baseball career and “may well have been a better baseball player than a hockey player” (51 Coffey). I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the Miracle Disney movie. Overall I liked the book, but found at times it was going very slow, and I got bored with a lot of the analysis of the players.