Vietnam Book One, I Pledge Allegiance – Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch’s I Pledge Allegiance, is a action thriller about a group of friends and their individual experiences in the Vietnam war. Before the war Morris, Rudy, Ivan and Beck were just normal kids. Their friendship was unique though. They had a bond as strong as a family, they made pacts and agreements that they all had to follow. One of the earliest pacts was if one of them got drafted that they all had to fight in the war. They were men of their word after one of them got drafted they all signed up.  Most of the boys didn’t mind but others were leaving behind college. In the end they all ended up going and keeping true their pact. Morris tries to keep their friendship during the war by writing and radio calling when the opportunity came on his boat in the Navy. It is up to Morris who works on a ship giving support to the army to keep his friends alive. Chris Lynch did a decent job of making me feel like I was there, with his description of a battle, on page 96, “We hear the distinctive sound of jet engines shrinking into the distance….

Chains – Laurie Halse Anderson

Isabel is a thirteen-year old slave who works for the Locktons, a Loyalist family in Manhattan with her sister, Ruth, during the Revolutionary War. After a few weeks, Mrs.Lockton “gets rid of Ruth,” and Isabel is heartbroken, “All I had lost was everything” (197). During this time, England is taking over New York City, and Curzon, a slave, persuades Isabel to spy on her owners who have information about the British Invasion. Since she knows how to read and write, this is a chance for them to escape, and she wants to look for Ruth. Isabel goes months and months spying on her owners and releasing information to the British. Eventually, she is caught by her master and is tortured for hours and left alone in a closet without any sources of food or drink until another slave sneaks her a biscuit, a glass of water, and a blanket. Throughout the whole book, she is treated like less than a human and she just wants freedom and to get away from slavery. After hours of sitting in the closet, Isabel breaks out and finds Curzon, who is locked away, dying of starvation in a prison. They steal a boat and…