Juno by Diablo Cody
Comedy , Drama , Health , Sceenplay , Young Adult / March 23, 2017

Pregnancy is not only a time of joyous, new beginnings but also a critical part of a women’s development and maturity.  Juno, not like the city in Alaska, is a pregnant sixteen year old who handles her pregnancy a little differently, with a sense of swagger. Juno is not your typical expecting mother. Although she has another life in her womb, she still continuously has blue Slushies, goes to physics class, and talks on her hamburger-shaped phone all night long. Realizing she is “ill-equipped” for taking on the responsibility of becoming a mother, Juno turns to finding the perfect parents for her soon-to-be-born baby. While looking in the PennySaver ads, Juno comes across Vanessa and Mark Loring. These aspiring parents seem like the perfect fit. Although Mark and Vanessa appear to have it all, Juno soon begins to realize that marriage and relationships are much more difficult than what she thought. Through her pregnancy, Juno is able to mature and become aware of the importance of treating people with respect as well as opening up to those who seek her friendship and company. This screenplay is extremely significant because it does not sugar coat the hardship of pregnancy in addition…

Food Rules — Michael Pollan
Health , Non-Fiction , Self-Help / October 18, 2016

Food Rules, written by Michael Pollan, an American author, activist, and journalist, is a non-fiction food guide to a healthy, slim, disease-free life. The way this book is set up is different than most books that you see; in this book, there are 64 rules that all have a different fact and tip on how to change your daily-food routine for the better. This book opened my mind to the seriousness of food and diet. The rules that tended to stick to me were the ones that i could change right away. As a result, I have made some changes to my diet after reading this book, for example, I have limited eating all forms of processed sugar, I went to the grocery store with my parents to get whole wheat bread instead of white American bread, and I don’t eat as much red meat. If I were to give this book a movie rating, it would surprisingly be PG-13, for good reason. In the book, it could be slightly frightening to the reader because of all the talk of living an obese life, cancers in the GI tract, and horrible diseases that can occur from the so called “Western…