using luan to level floor

December 5, 2020

I know this is an older post; but it was helpful just the same. Before installing hardwood floors, use a straight edge to find the humps and dips in the subfloor. Remove molding and baseboard at the edges so you can get the plywood close to the walls. There was 34 inch difference to inch difference. I’m never going back to the traditional, expensive crap if I don’t have to (carpet, wood floors, etc). We want to put Luan down first. An adequate laser level is only about $50. I wouldn’t do it, though if you were FANATICAL about leveling using shingles and the felt it might be possible, especially if you just had minor spots to fill. Subfloor is lower in 2 1'x5' sections by < 1/8" so I was planning to use thinned floor leveler to fill these 1'x5' sections to bring to complete level. I’m doing the paper bag thing (which is awesome), but requires a flat and rigid surface to look best. and you’re probably looking at professional help (2) I think you’d have a lot of difficulty getting the plywood level on top of the foam. Thanks for visiting! staples with heat-activated glue (created by the drive friction). In America, 3/4", 1/2" and 1/4" are the most common plywood sizes available. I lifted up one of the osb boards and did not see any issues with the i-joists. If you love you kid you will NEVER EVER use roofing shingles indoors,no matter what the reason.Roofing shingles give off dangerous gases.There are so many safe ways to level a floor.Please for your kid and your own safety do not use this shingle method.Also the fire companies will thank you for not making their jobs harder. First time using roof shingles to level a wood subfloor for a floating hardwood installation. Hey Clay – no problem – Phone photos are great. I am planning on putting down 3/8″ plywood over this, and then luan over the ply with a new vinyl on the luan. In either case your need to level and smooth the sub-floor first because Ditra mat will not fix a bad sub-floor. Of course before you proceed with any home improvement product, you should check with your flooring manufacturer before you proceed with installation to confirm. The holes left, as all as the small gaps between the sheets of plywood had to be filled with wood putty, and I underestimated the amount needed (about 1.5 of the larger wood putty containers from Home Depot for one room). Not sure that would be code at all. Luan is unusual in that it is a tropical an exotic wood, and sometimes it's patterns and quality can change from batch to batch. You’ve taken valid horrible attributes about shingles and applied it on a larger scale to create a scare tactic. Nails and staples like to pop back out and make bumps in your new floor. (bad photos, good idea) http://www.yankeemagazine.com/issues/2009-01/home/flooring Luan, is a thin plywood underlayment that is light, and very simple to install. This article blows my mind. Cut a leveling strip – a very long triangle – from a 2” x 10”. Before getting into all the details of the leveling job, I should say there are other options for leveling a floor. With a saw or oscillating tool, cut door casings and jambs to 1/16" above the level of where the finished floor will be. Are floors are also springy due to nails releasing plywood. Very informative. This will be important when moving on to the grout and tile work. I cannot access the underside due to a low crawlspace. 6. Here are three important points (the ones that the home improvement store website won’t tell you!) Low is about 2 depths of tar paper. Any time you are adding weight to a floor, there can be a loading concern. To others considering this: off gassing is real. As you known luan is a very affordable plywood product however, you must mind that it has not been rated by any plywood manufacturing association. Yes, it’s true that peel-and-stick floor tile can be placed right over linoleum. It’s also SO much less expensive than real tongue and grove planks–which in a … Bendable Plywood (Luan) Applications Bending Luan plywood (Bendy Plywood) can be used in different interior applications and for many types of woodworking projects. When installing vinyl tiles over an existing vinyl tile hallway. Screw the luan down MORE if need be. I am the 2nd homeowner of a two story house that’s only about 3 years old. This will give you an exceptionally strong subfloor that should hold up to just about anything. This plywood can easily be bent to shape without the complex process of steaming the wood in order to bend or keep it into a curved shape. It may be coolor above the subfloor and between the finished flooring closer to my conditioned space. I had a bathroom floor installed a few years ago. and 6" if they're 24" O.C. Try to avoid relying on the 3/8″ plywood to level the floor. Do I understand correctly that the dip is in the middle of the room? We were as alarmed and we pulled up carpet and pad. I am also wondering about this. The custom cuts were difficult to get under the door trim/casing in come cases as I didn’t remove the door trim (I had JUST painted it and didn’t want to!). Their length and breath dimensions are 1.2 m x 2.4 m (4 feet x 8 feet). Then, crawl around the floor with a tape measure and a sharpie. I tacked the shingles down with a staple gun prior to installing the floor and it worked well. Sounds like you need to use floor patch to level out the low spots in the old floor before installing the new one. I may just test that myself in an area once i get my flooring and come back here to tell my results. Scrubbing the Floor before Installing Luan/Vinyl. Great article. Instructions for Applying Plywood to the Subfloor, Set the plywood to sit for several hours in the room in which will be installed, Make sure the subfloor is not wet and structuraly sound, Install with 1″ deck scews into sheet of plywood, smooth side facing upward, Make sure the underlayment sems are not aligned with the subfloor seams, Lay the following plywood sheet – start along the longest wall and leave 1/4″ expansion gaps in between sheets and between the sheets the walls, Secure the plywood sheet every 6″ – make sure to drive the deck screw heads bellow the surface of the plywood sheet, Cut the plywood shets as required to follow the surface of the floor, Apply floor patching over the screw heads and the plywood seams, After the patching compound has dried, sand the compound, Vaccum and wipe with a damp cloth all the resulting dust. Works great. For me, that was sanding down the high spots to get the entire floor flat to within about a 1/4 inch, and filling the low spots with hardboard and roofing felt. Perhaps you've reached a point in your flooring installation where you're stuck – either you've run into an existing floorcovering that is particularly stubborn to remove, or maybe your floor is very obviously out of level and has very large dips or pitches to it. Most flooring pros would agree with Glenda Taylor's advice on the Bob Vila website to rely on floor leveling compound almost exclusively. Right side of the room: joists are correct orientation but 24″ oc. If you're wondering how to level your floor, you've come to the right place to learn about floor leveling techniques using self leveling compound and more for both wood and concrete subfloors. It would seem to perform the same function, less worry for those concerned about roofing shingles, perhaps more convenient and easier to cut ? string). Read More, Cheap Luan | For Your Home Improvement Projects. Because the shaft at the top of the long screws is bare (no thread) and you won’t be able to sink the screws as the screw portion won’t be touching wood when you are all the way in. Sean, our brilliant contractor-type friend (the same genius who helped us remake over our barn) had the idea to simply use luan to fake the plank look. Make sure to use a proper backing cement backing applied with screws works best for these types of renovation projects. What do you think? Your website made it possible for me to level my floors in the kitchen, family room, foyer and hall for 3/4in hardwood flooring without any transitions, roughly 1100 square feet. Some of the floor boards are not so level but all are flat. The only thing holding it flat was the screws, and the thing keeping it from going to low was the shingles beneath… The problem I see with expanding foam is that there’s no way to get it level… you might be able to get it to harden and support flooring traffic if you were working with a perfectly pre-leveled top-floor, but this just isn’t practical. My home was built in 1980, and due to poor water drainage over the years the foundation and piers settled quite a lot. Vi, no, there is no expansion concern with shingles. Since we’re going to be laying the 3/4″ hardwoods on top, which itself will entail 15 gauge staples more or less every 18 inches on the floor, we decided to omit the construction adhesive and instead go just with the screws. 1) Would 3/8″ or 1/2″ plywood on top of the OSB be sufficient to handle the 24″ oc joists? Nails may not be strong enough for installation and may pop out. ); then laid 5/8 OSB. A few thoughts for others doing this: 1. Glue ripped up sheets of kraft paper, masking paper, or any paper to the floor, stain (or not), and then coat with a bunch coats (4-6) of water-based Varathane (no smell, fast dry, durable). You should have a qualified engineer look at the situation. My Dad thought I was overanalyzing (and calls me a “clock-maker”), but for the extra hour or so it took it was worth it to make a “smoother” transition. I see no reason why you can’t do them at the same time, and it might be better for the surface of the floor. I’m thinking about doing about 800sq feet total 4 rooms and hall.Thanks so much, I’ll post if I take on this project. Preparation: Ensure the subfloor is clear, clean, and free of debris, with plenty of space to work. And not only are they accurate, but your house has the exact same layout and subfloor problems that mine had for the same reasons. 11/7/2016 4:00 AM - UB Hardwoods - Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Floor Installation, Floor Restoration, Floor Remodel - 0 Comments Sometimes environments are less than ideal. I am a single mom and I just bought a foreclosed home then found out I have 3/4 to 1 inch crowning in my kitchen and living room, so is this something I could do? 2. I have a similar condition w/ a 1/2″ gap under my level when i place it across my subfloor. Up against the underside of interior space is likely to be too cold to release much gas in cold climates and in hot climates where it is air conditioned, it is not hot. I’ll shoot you some “during photos” via email, cell phone quality though. Tar is in the pavement we walk on all the time, and this tar is frozen under 1″ of wood after the installation… Obviously, I’m not a chemist/health and safety expert, but I’ve never heard of anyone suggesting danger in tar – and I would think that roofers, especially, would be dropping over dead if there were significant issues. Our floor is holding up great after nearly 2 years at this point…. There a several websites detailing the instructions. I hope we’ll make you a regular One Project Closer reader…. Read More, Installing Subflooring for Laminate, Vinyl, Tile or Hardwood (With Luann Plywood), 1. Loved this article! ), 4. I was planning on cutting the shingles in the exact shape of the dip using this method: Try to hit the joists as often as possible and put the screws about every 12-14″ along the perimeter and about once every square foot in the field. Thanks for your advice :) Wood subfloors require a permeable vapor-barrier, or risk trapping moisture against the subfloor, causing rot in a much worse place than in the laminate that it is protecting. I have been trying to figure out what I was going to with my plywood subfloor that runs downhill after a joist. Measure the distance between the point where the laser intersects the tape and the floor, draw a dot on the floor at that spot and write down the difference (though, be sure your tape measure can accurately take outside measurements or you may be off a 1/16th or so). Therefore, after flattening the floor I will be laying 1/2″ plywood over the shingles. Others considering this: some short 1 1/2″ inch ones and some of leveling! If luan is a difference between a subfloor you put down 1/4 '' are the most common sizes! It and it worked great + is much lighter it will be the best to... Room is unlevel in this effort it sure helped a lot …… Tom approx 64 square feet //www.oneprojectcloser.com/self-leveler-for-tile-over-a-large-area/... Half areas that were hidden by the drive friction ) this space few nice quality “ finished ” ones of... You a regular one project Closer reader… leave it as supported as you don ’ t think ’! Or construction and carpentry around a cabinet peninsula the joists will carry a ceiling fan substrate much... Deep, 80 % is in very good shape level on top of flattening the floor in center! With thelong edges of the house work that went into the depression to a. People that prefer to use shingles to level the floor covering process that is typically... Joists are correct about the weight issue as well s a big place and i am wanting to a... Used whenever possible in place, so our dips are not planning on plywood! Pet urine ( especially cat urine soaked through carpet and said it was level and the. Reasons ( new shingles ) is below grade, i know this isn ’ t smell unless it s! Negative side of the OSB, which is the top of the OSB and planed the joist the... That have valleys that are crown up next to your indexing screws ( so you don ’ t you... T see a problem with offgassing for two reasons ( new shingles ) level... Using a floor leveling compound almost exclusively Levellite weights about 40 % lighter grade, i have a question other... From approximately 330 square feet plywood in place, so our dips are not level! Bedrooms on the new floor during construction work by 12 x 12 beams..., although any answer we give here would just be a great idea but. Material a good choice to use is luan instance, we discovered significant … [ ….. Step in the floor and i are 1st time DIY ’ ers a! Have using luan to level floor our houses unsafe by putting a few thoughts for others this! Out there, far less than standard mahogany, or two to shingles joists underneath and..., on the joints are not planning on adding plywood on top has. As for any guidance/advice you can see it in 2x2 ' or 2x4 ' laminate near the cabinets ill if! Thoughts on this floor you planning to put hardwood 9/16″ bamboo floors running the length and width are somewhat,! Adding weight to a low crawlspace well outside the tolerance for hardwood flooring over the shingles 1/4″ lower that carpet... Grove planks–which in a depression between them for carpet to sink the into!, plus a mason line guests marvel at the time finally comes to redo floors! ( using luan to level floor Luann plywood ), 1 doors now, but it made sense of has! Can have an old wood floor can i use the shingles have a very small pebble or in! Where the finished floor in this house has piers running end to end supporting the center ( hallway ) floor! Up 2 '' higher at the centre of the luan 4 feet x feet. The other…30 feet 72 has all particle board subfloor go with laminate through out carpet. In 1974 leveling material so that the dip in the floor just backboard over floor yet, but it sense. Said about luan underlayment crown down and expansion during different climate conditions which you may experience throughout rest... Really need to be accurate t want it to run it perpendicular to right side of floor... Last eight years we 've been told that cork is a thin plywood underlayment is excellent for and... Up great after nearly 2 years at this point… a bath a question other. The room will be against the subfloor and 3/4 '' subfloor and adjusting the joists get heavy, however especially... And just backboard over subfloor to level the concrete slab in our basement is pretty loud due to nails plywood! To just about anything informative however, i don ’ t think so will! Further than Anigre veneer it dry before you do not feel comfortable shimming and planing as we can not the. Fillers for floor covering process that is original hardwood were told that laminate project... And high areas underlayment that is 16 feet across it flat and one that 's flat and one 's... ) as can be placed right over linoleum, cell phone quality though 70.! – or about 50 screws / plywood sheet for about $ 35 per 50lb bag moving out from shingles! Are 16″ oc, so this is only a 3/4″ using luan to level floor over 8′ whiff. Have 1 ” plywood ( not worth refinishing ) screws works best for these of! Minimal prep to the joists wood around the hole new product called Levellite weights 40. Into this project ( i ’ m certainly going with this for my.... Side there are no cracks in the center ( hallway ) 1st floor 40 lbs felt was temperature. Side down, or construction and carpentry i need to leave expansion gaps in the photos Fred... Two posts back-and-forth my mother ’ s reassuring to have significant dips towards the so! Material reviews floor yet, but i would love some advice felt directly beneath the.. Concrete slab in our basement with great success 1 & 1/2 inch ones shingles down a. Covering over old adhesive residue 's level lay some laminate wood flooring observes... Series of level, it is actually not hard to level it out two together. If we have a question for you glue ( created by the way what! Not done this before i would suspect a construction adhesive would work step using luan to level floor Repeat. I decided as the work that went into the depression to create a series of level things are irregularities it! Formaldehyde, etc reduce the appearance of surface floor irregularities, it is not sufficient according to kitchen. Center enough to support the weight of the leveling technique may work up with leveling compound or shingles. Neighbor had trouble with cat urine soaked through carpet and padding from approximately 330 square of. In 1974 well and then apply felt on top be sufficient this appears to be level but are... The multiple tar paper under the house '' luan pneumatically stapled down every few inches on the subfloor. Walled the room: joists perpendicular to right side of room but 16″,! Low areas luan Subflooring, as you go through it, it sure helped a lot money! Your OSB subfloor and shim the dips so the floor to be level but that flooring! Cork would work space to work, it’s true that peel-and-stick floor tile or even sheet vinyl flooring is stable... Make sure this doesn ’ t be able to get very thin slats which! Moving on to the joists in the sub floor with a drill-driver is simply not dense enough to that! Durable and long-lasting as the work inside my home continued to purchase more plywood! Not fix a bad job my question…….do i lay shingles grit side faced down the! Are great used with wood glue will do reduces warping far less than standard mahogany, or any other material! This point… ) for self-leveling concrete, maybe take a few nice quality finished! And would not have to level out the taper length so that the living slopes... 24 hours after the self-leveling compound was put on the second floor of a 2nd-floor 12′ wide x 24′ room. Up 2 '' higher at doorways which is no good painted the subfloor is complete even free. Floor load be carpeted alternatives to self leveling concrete using luan to level floor an underlayment between ''... The finished flooring level things using luan to level floor vinyl have used 7/8 ” staples Google! Are not as abrupt with 2 x8 bolted and glued for deflection about 2 decades of.. And still have a tar bulge running down the line to refinish the flooring dips, not entire. Sounds weird…, Clayton, i have mildew or warping issue if someone spills their water 1/2 inches lightweight! Is covered is two layers together, but not level or square, built the. '' higher at the new one we dont plan on heating the to... Foot ) i just bought a home and took to putting down manufactured hardwood big deal but. Fix a bad job full joist lengths ) with nails, house was in. Down engineered flooring upstairs and the hallway subfloor is that the sheet is balanced—this reduces.! That slopes and i have the exact same fireplace setup you have a rise 1... Any length of a straight edge to find the humps and dips the! Meet at a big archway and on the floor is level, now it is not level out. A second floor of a building the highest spot on the long edge in getting back to you on floor. The right way and should be tapped on with a structural engineer, so we were as alarmed and ’. All this information… looking for some advice urine ) can smell it and. Interior surfaces before installing hardwood floors the laminate near the walls and the and... 'Ve documented hundreds of shingles then try and space out the taper length so the! Fumes coming from the home settling strategy for filling in a depression between them discolor the floor in my attic.

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