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December 5, 2020

You will insert the needle in your standard zig-zag sewing machine* like any other needle. The bobbin thread zigzags between the two needles, giving the hem a bit of stretch, which is just what you want with knits. hemming tool. Give your stitching a tug every 6 inches or so if you’re doing a long hem to prevent puckering. Then a zig-zag and finally the stretch stitch that is built into most machines. Overlocking helps, but a thin strip of knit interfacing, fusible webbing, or a wash away hem stabilizer will do wonders. Thank you, awesome timing! Or do you need a “stretch twin needle” for the hem to be stretchy? 1. That means if your hem is 1″ line up the folded under the edge of the fabric with a marking on the throat plate that is 1″ from the left needle. Press the hem to the wrong side and hold it in place with a few pins. Laura that is exactly what you get as soon as you use a twin needle: two parallel lines of needle stitching with the bobbin thread zig zag going back and forward underneath. For the Aila leggings, and for sewing stretchy 4-way Lycra/Spandex fabrics, in general, I recommend getting the Stretch Twin-Needle size 4.0/75. I’m subscribing! When we sew the hems on our t-shirt these are the steps we’re going to follow. (Pin on the right side). (could it really make that much difference???) An 80 is also a size 12. Take a look at the hem of most t-shirts and you’ll see what’s called a coverstitch or coverhem. Wind woolly nylon onto the bobbin by slowing down the rate of winding if you have this feature available – not all machines accept metal bobbins. Sewing kid’s clothes with knit fabrics is the best. Too late today to run to the store but tomorrow I’m going to get some wash out stabilizer, try loosening my bobbin tension, and using my walking foot. My problem is that the right side of my twin needle works perfectly while the left side is just not catching the bobbin thread at all (or maybe 1 stitch out of 20 literally!) Hope that helps. #sewingtutorials #sewingtips #howtosew #sewinghacks I’m all too familiar with the ‘tunnel’ effect… definitely going to try that stabiliser tip! Its wonderful to have a machine dedicated to the double stitch look and not to have to make all those adjustments. When threading the twin needle you will need to manually thread it. I always have the two thread spools coming off in different directions. I flip one if I’m getting tangles, but I can say conclusively if it makes a difference for me…. I’m going to try that out! Oct 14, 2016 - Learn how to sew a twin needle hem with this guide from Lorna Knight. 2. I do like your solution using the secondary bobbin case with a reduced tension. This is particularly important with fabrics that stretch as you put them on/take them off/wear them hence the use for knit and jersey fabrics. Sewing a Twin Needle Hem. I sew an awful lot and have to do this regularly to avoid skipping etc. I just bought a twin needle so I can hem the Maritime shirt I’m making for myself. But before I did that I did find that my machine much preferred having both the threads come off the two spools in different directions when using a twin needle. I’ve always found that if and when the twin needle plays up it’s the left side too. Stick to good quality threads up top. It will work if not engaged, but if this function is engaged the machine will not allow you to select stitches that are not compatible with a twin needle, i.e. So weird that it’s only (or mostly) with the left thread, isn’t it? I think Anna buys hers online from stitch56 if you need a local source. and I was now the happy owner of an overlocker. ... the Twin Needle!! You will want to decrease the width to almost nothing. Thanks for this article – I’ve also had the problem with my kids popping the hems of their shirts! Thanks! So it’s plastic ones for me now with slightly less thread on them to avoid snapping. For beautiful hems on knits, I first glue baste the hem in place with a thin line of Elmer's school glue, set it with a dry iron, then top stitch with a twin needle. Twin-needle hemming. Ascolta senza pubblicità oppure acquista CD e MP3 adesso su Amazon.it. How you do this will be different for every machine, but I’m sure it’s achievable for every machine. Thank you! will this tackle the problem of hem breaking? A new needle has been the solution most times for me too. You saved my nerves… <3, I have used twin needles in the past, with good results. Twin needle hems are quick, easy, and accurate, though not my preferred method. Will try your suggestions! Always have problems with twin needle sewing. Most people assume that this is done by a serger. Regarding using the zig zag instead of a serger: Mark your cut then put in your zig zag before cutting, this really helps prevent the curling. Here you can see, from left to right, the effect of increasing needle thread tension on the bobbin thread: The problem with increasing the needle thread is that, while the bobbin thread zig zags nicely, the needle threads draw together and the double hem ends up creating a tunnel effect. Use a stretch twin (blue bar on Schmetz brand) when sewing knit fabrics, and a regular twin needle (red bar on Schmetz brand) for sewing woven fabrics. Obviously budget the cost of the 1st service into the price of the machine. What was working on cotton lycra was not working with lightweight jersey fabrics. I’m lost tempted to experiment on your behalf…. Thanks. Thanks Shelley! Learn threading a twin needle, twin needle types and sizes, find out how to avoid tunneling when using a twin needle. Most machines (excluding straight stitch only) can utilize two needles. All great tips. For the most part. Give your stitching a tug every 6 inches or so if you’re doing a long hem to prevent puckering. Anonymous. To those dreaming of a coverstitch machine, I honestly prefer the twin needle method. Thank you! The first thing to consider is the size of twin needle you would like to use. Glad you got a hem you were happy with. Twin needle stitching at hem and cuff; Fabric Weight: 160gsm. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant "twin needle cover seam" – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises. I was a bit wary of fiddling too much with the screw, as I worried I might not get it back to a good setting for regular sewing. A twin needle can also be used on woven fabrics to sew pintucks, decorative stitching, or hems. No really, for more projects than I could count the only thing I needed to do to get perfect top stitching using a twin needle was to do some sort of stay stitching along the bottom edge of my garment, where I would be top stitching over once the hem allowance was finished. Building a strong sewing & pattern making foundation, August 23, 2019 by Margaret Filed Under: Clothing, Sew Your Own Wardrobe, Sewing with Knits, Shirt Series, Videos Leave a Comment. Then a zig-zag and finally the stretch stitch that is built into most machines. Types of Twin Needle. On the left, an example of tunneling created by using a twin needle. You’ve been sewing a super cute jersey dress or perhaps a new fancy top. Cut a strip of bias knit fusible interfacing the width of the hem allowance plus 1/2". "We have been working with TwinNeedle for several years now and found their level of professionalism and technical know how to be exempliary. Kinds of Twin Needles However, the woolly nylon has more “drag” than a normal thread, so the tension problems were exacerbated.

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