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December 5, 2020

972-816-6000. We got a big one and I cannot even say how exciting it was. It may look short but it will save me a great deal of time and effort at the Lake Texoma this weekend. I have been on the lake once but we weren't fishing. This is very resourceful for anglers to know just what Lake Texoma striper fishing lures to use and at what time of year! Wow. The Blakemore RoadRunner is one of the most popular jigs for striped bass in the United States. How to catch striped bass on Lake Texoma?  If you see reports from years ago, the guide does not like to share reports, just glory shots from the dock! I was there last December and live bait and swim bait worked just great for me. I got good information from this post and I appreciate it. Get out into the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful lake scenery and wildlife, watch the sunrise and harvest these delicious stripers for meals at home with family and friends. This sportfish is becoming very popular around here and a lot of people come around just to get one and also have a feel of the whole experience. Denison TX 75020 Fishing all year round; Family friendly Exactly why I love this site. We like to use 1/8oz jig heads with a small swimbait in shallow water, and 1/2oz jig heads with the same swimbaits in deep water.  Cast your swimbait into the working birds and let the bait fall. I’ve been wanting to get a look at this sport fish that has got almost everyone looking to do one thing or the other to get it. I guess I never thought that I need to always look out to find Texoma striper guide rates and make sure they are competitive! Here are our all-time, top five Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Lures for Lake Texoma, and I’m sure most freshwater striper …  Now that you have fished with us for all Texoma Striper Fishing Seasons and paid attention, you are ready to fish the big lake on your own! Home. Lake Texoma Fishing Guide, Pottsboro, Texas. We are considered Once of the Best Lake Texoma Striper … Get the top 20 Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Lures from 10-year fishing lure manufacturer, Moe, owner of moestackleshop.com. I’ve been seeing it since I was little and I bet that’s why I’m not really moved much by it anymore. Wow. Get your backside out of bed early! It was fun and I can’t wait to do it again. I fish all year round on Lake Texoma in Pottsboro, Texas and I specialize in artificial lures. Rig it with a 3/4 oz. If the fish are in 20-30 feet of water use a 3/4oz or 1oz jig head. Winter fish the rocks, summer fish the sand! We will fish other Northern Texas lakes for Stripers at our clients request. Thanks for writing down this chart. It makes everything a lot easier since you already know what to expect and also have your kit or tools or whatever with you. That’s great to know. I just wrote down the type of lures and the time of the year somewhere I can easily find it because I’m planning a trip soon and I want to make this count for my family. It’s very clear. What do I say? Your email address will not be published. Striped bass fishing on magnificent Lake Texoma, Texas is safe and provides quality time for families. I may not be a fish expert but I won’t mind arming myself with this information when going out to fish. A great cold weather lure for Lake Texoma Striper. Since stripers were introduced here in the late 1960s Texoma has become known for some of the best striper fishing in the Southwest. Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Coy Devoll is an artificial lure only charter service. Shad is the one baitfish almost all fish seek as a food source. I’ve always come to this blog to read up guides about a place or something and whenever I want to plan a trip, it makes the whole thing easy as I already have an idea of what will happen or what to expect. How this was all put together marvels me a lot. Lake Texoma Fishing Maps. Captain John Blasingame’s Top 5 Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Lures. For more information on Striper Time with Lake Texoma Fishing Guide, follow this link! You have five hooks that can bite you.  Does the guide have a Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report? Full time Lake Texoma Guide Capt. Lake Texoma Striper Guide John Blasingame reviews his top 5 best lures for striped bass! Lake Texoma is a big fish opportunity and a large numbers game. Required fields are marked *, Lake Texoma Fishing Guides We will also break down how to fish our top five lures! Retrieve Speed is the key to a good Sassy Shad Angler! Hmmm. I visited Texoma recently and the locals were going on a lot about the fishing trip and stuff and I must say that I was really impressed. At first, it sounded like it would be easy but couldn’t get much help as fast as I wanted. Thanks for this Lake Texoma striper fishing tips! When the fish want a faster presentation, bound the jig back to the boat! 4. If you set your mind to it, you’ll enjoy it entirely as it’s so much fun when done rightly. Send A Text. That’s impressive and I think I’ll move my vacation to somewhere closer to the place so I can enjoy a little adventure. This should get you dialed in on Lake Texoma Striper Lures, book your trip with the best Lake Texoma Fishing Guide today! I guess they are intrigued by it. 132 Grandpappy Dr. Lake Texoma Fishing Map. The easiest months to catch Striper on Lake Texoma are October and November. The original Mister Twister Sassy Shad® is the closest imitation of this classic baitfish you’ll find anywhere. There are no secret fishing spots on Lake Texoma, so here you go! The Sassy Shad will out produce any other shad-type lures. Soft Plastic Swimbaits on jig heads will take Striper on Lake Texoma in October and November. You can find more information on our favorite Lake Texoma striper fishing lures and much more in this post! I’m new to this famous North Texas Striper Lake and I’m definitely one of those many anglers who ask about what fishing lures can be used. We look forward to your guest blogging on our site https://tawakonistriper.guide/, Nothing like starting off my day reading and learning about something cool. I don’t really know what’s in it that everyone gathers here when they feel it’s time for it to make an appearance. John Blasingame I can get that easily and enjoy my fishing experience. Jerry Smith is one of the premier live-bait Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guides since 2014. It’s the classic tail design and supple body give the Sassy Shad® the natural shad action fish can’t resist. It’s fun watching people fish for the striper. Any tips on how to locate stripers? It’s always the best and shares information and post rates to make sure clients know they are a quality striper outfitter on Lake Texoma. That’s a lot and I am very sure that your experience and knowledge about the lake is unrivaled. The mecca of Texas Striper Fishing and for good reason. Lots of fishing guide sites but not much having a fishing report that is up to date. Lake Texoma doubles down with stocked Striper, and those stocked fish reproduce naturally in the Washita and Red Rivers each Spring! MAP.  We like to share information and post our rates to make sure our clients know we are a quality striper outfitter on Lake Texoma. But once I visited in November and I knew I was missing out on a lot. How and where to catch live shad on Lake Texoma. The Best Lake Texoma Fishing Guide rated #1 in client recommendations and satisfaction. Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Stephen Andre provides all the details necessary on how to catch BIG Striper on artificial lures on Lake Texoma! Find a guides website! Anglers love to know where the September topwater plug action is on Lake Texoma! We have multiple boats on the water each day covering the top fishing spots on the #1 rated Striper Fishing lake in the world. A Complete Guide to Striper Fishing Lake Texoma | Fishing Spots, What's In A Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Tackle Box | Striper Express, How To Find The Best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, On The Rocks with Lake Texoma Fishing Guide John Blasingame, Top 5 Reasons Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Catch More Striper, Striper Time with Lake Texoma Fishing Guide, Lake Texoma Fishing Guide-John Blasingame. If fish are in 5-15 feet try a 1/2oz jig head. If my wife agrees we could go there next anytime this fall.  You will need a small profile swimbait and a wide body swimbait. If you are not on a spot by 5 am, you missed it! Menu. All you have to do is show up with a Texoma fishing license. Cover ground as quietly as possible! Wow. Good blog John we use these same lures on Lake Tawakoni! It was helpful and I’m glad I found it.  You may need to change your retrieve speed to get Striper to bite! Because stripers tend to migrate from one end of the lake to the other, a little advice from the locals can be very helpful to vacationing anglers. Yup, now I have understood fishing in Lake Texoma with you for all Texoma Striper Fishing Seasons. I think hiring a Guide for one of the Texoma Striper Fishing Season would be a great idea so we can fully enjoy the whole thing. The information is very helpful. The RoadRunner has been catching fish since 1958. And West of the 377 Willis bridge, where the Red River dumps into the lake on the West arm. If you see a boat running up on the sand and fishing, come back in 30 minutes and hit that spot! My time around the lake was not all that great and I’m sure it’s because I did not have all the information I needed. 972-816-6000. We love them! Your email address will not be published.  If the fish are in 20-30 feet of water use a 3/4oz or 1oz jig head. J.D. The Best Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Rates. Let’s dig into the three types of Lake Texoma Fishing Lures! They have got a good reputation and I will always recommend them to people who may need to get such information. Nothing beats having to go somewhere and armed with all the stuff and information you need. Anglers should figure in the cost of boat ownership, equipment costs, time spent learning how to catch Striper on Lake Texoma, and cleaning all those Stripers each trip. 5. If I can find live shad and throw a net, the best bait for freshwater striped bass are threadfin shad? It’s helpful and I’m in the know now. J.D. I am fortunate to have the The castable umbrella rig (CUR) came to prominence a couple of years ago, and even though anglers in the Bassmaster Elite Series and Bassmaster Classic aren’t allowed to use it in practice or competition, plenty of others have used the rigs with great success, winning dozens of tournaments and millions of dollars along the way. Fishing with Doug. Jerry Smith’s Lake Texoma Fishing Guides prices are one of the best values on this famous Striper fishery. A generation of fishermen have considered this their “confidence” lure for big striper and white bass. guides exclusively on Lake Texoma and focuses on Striper & White Bass. Some Striper Charter Trips last longer, and some clients want to end earlier. While the Original Buck-Tail Road Runner® has bagged thousands of Striper over the years: they are effective on Cobia, Snook, and even Tarpon. Captain J.D.  If fish are in 5-15 feet try a 1/2oz jig head. Water lightly stained; 64 degrees; 1.59 low. Many anglers ask this question each year on this famous North Texas Striper Lake! I’ll just have to find the birds and since that will help me find the striper, I’m totally good with that. When it takes loud surface disturbance and a big honking topwater to catch trophy bass, stripers, redfish and other tough gamefish, reach for a Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper. The A-Rig is easy to fish. I’m sure that is not going to be a long time from now. Oh, people can catch stripers in Lake Texoma? SHhhhhhhhhhhhh, Striped Bass are spooky in 2 feet of water! You can also add a spinner form for added flash and vibration. Lake Texoma Striper Fishing is fantastic. by CaptainJohn | Feb 9, 2018 | Lake Texoma Fishing Guides | 2 comments. Swimabits catch Big Striper on Lake Texoma! Stephen Andre' will show you how to hunt down and catch Lake Texoma Striper using artificial lures. You’ll love the experience I tell you. Keep it simple, it’s not rocket surgery, it’s striper fishing on Lake Texoma! Get the swimbait to the correct depth and let the Striper tell you what speed to retrieve! Lake Texoma Striper Guides Fall 2019 – HOT HOT HOT Striper Fishing Lake Tawakoni and Lake Texoma are by far the best Striper Fishing Lakes in all Texas. Some states do not allow A-Rig fishing. If you’re looking for the perfect lure for striped bass, white bass, or smallmouth bass, look no further than the Mister Twister® 4″ Sassy Shad. In my personal opinion, striper fishing on Lake Texoma is one of the most exciting outdoor adventures offered on the lake. My family are planning a trip to Texoma and also making plans for fishing. As a local there, it’s getting so boring having to repeat almost the same thing over and over again. What Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Lures should we use? We also need to take a look at the Alabama Rig and Umbrella Rig. The fishing can be fun as long as you have just what you need. With 139 square miles of lake to fish, Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States. Live Shad | Swimbaits | Top Water Plugs | Slab Spoons, Live Bait | Slab Spoons | Top Water Plugs | Swimbaits. Learning how to catch Striper on Lake Texoma with Lake Texoma Fishing guide is very easy once you follow exactly what you are told.  For more information follow Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Lures. You’ll be done in no time. Fishing for striper has been on my list for as long as I can remember but I keep putting it off with one excuse or the other.  Soft Plastic Swimbaits on jig heads will take Striper on Lake Texoma in October and November. specializes in Spring and Fall top water Striper trips as well as winter dead-sticking! Any help would be appreciated. Texoma Striper Guide John Blasingame Quick Tip:; 1.2 Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Steve Buckley Favorite Lure. Cover a shoreline, you will find pods of 2-10 Striper. About Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, Dan Barnett & Jacob Orr have lived and guided fishing trips on Lake Texoma for over 20 years. Slab Spoons are the number one producing lure for Lake Texoma Striper! Book A Trip! Sometimes you need a whisper, and other times a shout! Captain J.D. Yes, Striper Anglers we share our Lake Texoma Fishing Maps! Loud and clanky will get you one of those fish! The lake is stocked each year, and we are lucky to have a big spawn each spring. Lake Texoma Fishing Report from TPWD (Nov. 25) GOOD. My family will be going there and we have spent the last hour searching the internet for valuable information. Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Me and 2 buddies are going to Texoma for first time this weekend. by StriperJoe | Jan 4, 2018 | Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guides | 40 comments. My Guide Service can give a novice to professional a quality fishing trip. Cast and retrieve.  There are hundreds on the market!      *Hire a Guide for each Texoma Striper Fishing Season,      *Listen to your guide and pay attention to the Lake Texoma Fishing Hot Spots. Lake Texoma has a lot of professional fishing guides for a reason, and one I know of is to make everybody’s fishing trip a blissful one.  Find the guides Texoma Striper Guide Rates and make sure they are competitive! What color works on Lake texoma Striper …

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