epic perfect world venomancer build

December 5, 2020

WF(Venomancer) tail color editing. Screamshock: Gives a chance to interrupt the enemy’s skill… at level 5 this interrupts 100% of the time, but it’s hard to time right since you have to hit them while they’re in mid chant. In other words, a level 2 wolf, when trained to level 40, will have better stats than a wolf caught at level 40. This build will give your Venomancer a sufficient balance between HP and magic attack. Venomancer DOTA 2 Hero. Many Venomancers use dodos as well due to their starting skill of Doodoo, which stuns the opponent, useful simply because a Venomancer does not have enough stuns with just Megalith parasite. This takes 25 vigor, armor breaks the opponent and hits for 300% magic attack. The trick here is to find as much +Mag/Str/Dex gear addons as possible. ^In human form their skill damage is based on Magic; in fox form their skill damage is based on Strength. Stat Option #2 gives a slightly lower level heavy armor option than your level (22 Str/10 levels), but a higher level magic weapon option (23 Mag/10 levels). One of the most common Venomancer builds and usually the build of choice for those who are in the process of leveling. Most Venomancers will usually follow a Magic or a Light Armor build until their first Reawakening so they can reset their stats for free and then follow the Heavy Armor build. + 4 Mag (Bramble Array) Metabolic Boost: Max it as soon as you can. Against Robe classes: Laugh. It was a one dimensional class to me. I don’t really see much of a use for it in a 1v1 situation though, although with a fast attacking pet it may be worth it. Fairly low physical defense, decent magic defense, decent hp, low attack. + 6 Mag Once you’re stunned, be prepared to sit around for awhile hoping not to get screwed. Refining is done at the Elder of any major city and will add additional defense, HP or attack depending on the gear piece. + Reduce Physical damage taken, https://pwi.gamepedia.com/Venomancer_Builds?oldid=247241, To a weapon: Increases your physical attack, To a weapon: Increases your health points. But they'll die just as easily as a Cleric or a Wizard. Weaken the monster to low HP and perform the Tame spell. Ripping bite is essential to PvP, so make sure all your pets that you plan to PvP with have it. STR = (Your level + 4) AGI = (Your level +4) MAG = (Your level x 3) VIT = 7+, depending on leftover points. Outcold -> normal attacks hurt badly enough, and what’s worse is if the archer decides to collig bolt, outrange you, and rip into you with normal attacks. Lure everytime the situation demands it. I'm a level 45 venomancer on heavens tear. by Safecyn updated September 26, 2015. Very good at keeping you alive. Cases like these are rooms with patrols that’ll attack you if you try to kill something inside, or even just rooms where 4-5 mobs are gathered together. With a Mag build and Robe set, they can be a decent DDer. Crustaceous: Lowers all damage by a certain %, lasts 15 seconds with a poor cooldown of 60 seconds. Perfect World Classic Server 136 x1 The PWCLASSIC server is the true classic of the golden era Perfect World, here you will find yourself in that good old atmosphere where there is no need to enter the game as to work due to thousands of grueling daily tasks, the eternal race for new equipment and global updates 2: Light Armor Decent phys def, decent magic defense, low hp. Useful against bosses that cast magic if they suddenly decide to cast twice in a row and kill your pet, or useful against enemies that are pure physical in a Frighten -> Crustaceous -> Frighten combo. DoT spells are pretty pointless when a Venomancer kills before the time even runs out, and you can save your sp for bigger and better things. It’s not terrible, and decent for bosses that you can’t outheal, but I personally don’t use it. Find all Venomancer stats and find build guides to help you play DOTA 2. Nature’s Grace: Max it when you have the spare SP. Res. Your veno can be pure magic with arcane gear, or a hybrid build … Also good as a tank against ranged mobs that kite you. Reflects a % of melee damage back at the attacker. Against fist warriors and archers… your accuracy is going to fail. WTS Venomancer 74 Herc/Phoenix Perfect World International! It’s made especially hard since in PW there’s a skill usage delay of like, 1-2 seconds. However, this is extremely expensive and again is not intended for a new player. It takes one vigor to exchange your HP and MP percentages. The PWI Elysiumupgrade increases the skill's damage and adds bonus damage when a pet is summoned, making it one of the hardest hitting Venomancer skills. Server: Items. (Vigor Switch). Perfect World - Private servers, Guides, free servers. Venomancer brings slow death to his enemies. (Intersoul Switch) Summer Sprint: Max it as soon as you can. Very useful for kiting/chasing in PvP, although questionable in PvE since the majority of the time, your pet will be tanking for you anyway. It specializes in debuffing targets and acting as a secondary damage dealer while being self-sufficient enough so that the Clerics can have one less class to worry about healing. Elemental bashes: Summon Storm, Poison sting, Fire orb, Frost sting, Sand raise – high damage skill converted to elemental damage. Frighten: Lowers physical hits by a certain % for 15 seconds, with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Heavy armor foxes typically get 66 int for the beast class fb19 (id19?) Dota Hero Item Build - Venomancer "Lesale Deathbringer" Venomancer "Lesale Deathbringer" is an agility type of hero which can be plays the role of pusher and carry.Venomancer could be a dangerous hero and can kill a enemy hero at the start of the game. A Venomancer is first and foremost a support class. I play a light armor fox. It’s a lifesafer in HH if your tank decides to take a piss break and leave a rampaging HH boss that you lured your way. Mage tree attack skills: Venomous Scarab: Max it as soon as you can. It gives you a damage reduction of 75% as well as a 200% melee reflect. + 1 Dex Venomous Scarab is the main damage dealing skill. In PvP, the build choices are more restricted due to the gear paths available, but there is still some variety to be found there. With the classes balanced and brand new Cultivation and Challenge Dungeons awaiting Seekers, Perfect World is back and better than ever! Ripping bite isn’t quite as useful against heavy armors as it is against light/magic, but it’ll still be quite the damage dealer. Pets gain stats automatically through their growth chart (which can be seen by opening the pet backpack and clicking “detail” on a pet). The general consensus is that it is not a good build to have at endgame because Dexterity is not a particularly useful attribute for this class. Rate Starting Lv: 3474 8361 1959 0.8-Phys. This build will give your Venomancer a sufficient balance between HP and magic attack. Needed to improve poor magic defense, may consider mixing with Citrine Shards. It has amazing physical defense and a good HP pool. To armor: Increases your physical defense. (Envenom Parasite) Ironwood Scarab: Max it as soon as you can. It's a challenge but it can have satisfying results. + 3 Mag, Stat Option #1 gives you access to the best heavy armor for your level (25 Str/10 levels), at the cost of of having to equip a much lower level magic weapon (10-15 Mag/10 levels). They die. On my light armor fox Asura in even 2-1 hits with fire for about 6000 damage at level 70. WTS Venomancer 74 Herc/Phoenix Perfect World International! Ironwo… (Blazing Parasite) Frost Scarab: Leave it at level 1. + 1 in Vit, Mag, or Dex, + 4 Str At 500 loyalty or higher, they gain 150% exp, so killing a monster of equal level or higher to the pet will give it 15 exp. If they’re doing far too much magic damage to you (in the case of you using light armor/heavy armor) send your pet at them and just run away while your pet tears into them with ripping bite. It is very reasonable to aim for early towers with a mid Venomancer that maxes out Plague Wards first. There is a bit of debate over whether it’s better to get the level 17 Molten Lava Crystal or the level 18 Fiery lava Rime, both of which can be caught near Ground of Logging (who knows what it’ll be changed to in this version) by Etherblade city.. Basic strategy against any class: If they’re priest buffed, debuff them with Banish Malediction. Why not? It’s best if you can get an EA movement buff before doing this one as they both walk rather fast, and while you should be able to reach the lake without getting hit once, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Name Price QQ Draonet Pet: Tencent King's Ode Pack+ Light Armor Build Every one level: + 1 Dex + 1 Str + 3 Mag This build is highly recommended for a PvP-seeking venomancer. I have renamed all the skill names in this section, but in other sections I may inadvertently refer to the skill as what it’s called in the MY version, so I’ll leave those skill names in for your reference. Talk with the Dream Port's Elder Kill Slaughtarm Kuron (266 878) at Sea of Isolation Talk to Elder of the Streams (130 858) Kill Burning Spirit (170 773) at Land of Heart Burning for Token of Blazing Fire Every five levels: Bearing in mind I don’t know the names of the skills in this version… here ya go. Which skills should my pets have? Pets can be repulsed and collig’d as well, and losing a ripping bite gimps you seriously. The lower the original level of the pet is, the better its stats will be when its leveled up. Golem: Bashing level 5, Crustaceous level 5, Frighten level 5, Bluster level 1 Sawfly: Bashing level 1, Ripping Bite level 4, Decelerate level 4, planning to learn either Frighten/Screamshock, and if I can get these skills, Sharp Claw/Doodoo. Honestly though, I would not recommend scrapping your magic tree in favor of fighting only in fox form, as limiting yourself to pure melee physical damage screws you against ranged classes. Maxes out at level 1. Howling just makes it easier for you to pull aggro from your pet. Atk. Find top Venomancer build guides by DotA 2 players. Venomancers that decide they need a magic tank use these for bosses with high magic attack that a golem simply can’t live through at the same level, such as Styxserpent in id69. It offers high magic attack, a large pool of mana, high magic defense, good overall damage and excellent pet heals (which depend on your magic attack). Bash: Basic high damage skill, low cooldown, steals/keeps aggro easily. Demon reduces the opponent's Wood defense increasing your overall damage. Pets in perfect world work on a Pokemon system (holy **** did he say pokemon?) High phys defense, high magic defense, good hp, low attack. As for me, I personally prefer pure magic, or VIT build, since there is a pet tanker at your disposal. Sawfly: Decent magical / physical defense, low hp, high attack.. Great as a pk pet for the high attack and the ability to fly. Ive been playing the Venomancer class at Perfect World International for over 3 years. This is pretty much your only stun, and although very short at 2 seconds when maxed, has a very quick cast time and a high percentage of stunning.

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