If I Stay by Gayle Forman

May 7, 2018

In the book, If I Stay, the story involves a girl named Mia who is thrown into chaos when she and her family get into a fatal car crash, leaving her parents dead on impact and her brother and her fighting for their lives. The plot switches between the past and present, focusing on her passion for the cello and other aspects of her life that she loves. The music that she makes consumes her, which catches the eye of a guitarist named Adam. The two musicians were connected by their love for music, which led them to love each other. If Mia gets accepted into Julliard, she will have to move to New York City. The big problem now will be that she will not be with Adam, who will be in Portland, Oregon. She will have to choose between continuing her classical music dream at Juilliard or be in Portland with her rockstar lover.

In our opinion, we think that If I Stay was a good read. From the start, it was easy to get hooked into the story and we found the book was interesting in the way that it jumped between past and present and how the plot did not just focus on the crash, but on other memories from before as well. We also find it very intriguing how the author, Gayle Forman, managed to tie everything together into a high-quality book. We enjoyed reading about the relationships between the characters, as well as reading about how bonds between characters like Mia and Adam developed into a deeper romance or friendship. However, there were some areas of the book that were unclear and confusing. At times, it was difficult to understand the plot because of how often and abruptly the stories switched. However, overall this book was pretty good and we would recommend it to others.

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