Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

May 7, 2018

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn tells the story of the disappearance of Amy Dunne. Amy Dunne was a New York city native thats job was to make personality quizzes. One night, she met her husband at a party in Brooklyn. They automatically clicked and fell in love with each other’s presence. Later in their marriage, Nick loses his job and only a few weeks later, so does Amy. A little bit after they lost their jobs, Nick’s mom gets cancer and they make the decision to move to North Carthage, Missouri, Nick’s hometown. On top of that, Nick takes the rest of Amy’s large trust fund to buy a bar, the money that Amy’s parents made from writing a book series called Amazing Amy, which was based on Amy’s actual life. These events put a major strain on Nick and Amy’s marriage, which was once thought to be perfect. “…I’ve been tracking Nick’s moods. Toward me. Just to make sure I’m not crazy. I’ve got a calendar, and I put hearts on any day Nick seems to love me again, and black squares when he doesn’t. The past year was all black squares, pretty much” (Flynn 169). One day, when Nick came home on his and Amy’s fifth anniversary, Amy is gone and the house is destroyed. The ottoman in the living room was flipped, the cat was left outside, and there was blood messely cleaned up in the kitchen.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery. The book is extremely interesting because it is told from the point of Amy, using her diary, and Nick. Not to mention, the major plot twist that you would never expect. At the beginning of the book it might be hard to fully get into it but at one point it gets very hard to put down.

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