Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

May 7, 2018

It all started with a bus seat, and Eleanor’s first day of school at a new high school. She is the new girl, with fiery red hair, a strange sense of style, and intelligence that radiates off of her. While Park is a secluded yet attractive guy, who has been stuck in the lulling life of high school. When these two meet, their differences attract each other and almost instantly life apart from each other seems unimaginable. Both have conflicts at home, from stepdads to unaccepting mothers, however when they are together, the hurt and disappointment are forgotten. However, how can this happy abyss last, when everything is trying to tear their young love apart. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell examines what it means to be helplessly in love, and still trying to maneuver through young adulthood unscathed.

Eleanor and Park home life greatly influence their character and being. Eleanor comes from a poor family, with four siblings, who all live in fear of their step dad Richie. He is especially mean to Eleanor, as he tries to destroy any bit of happiness she enjoys. While Park’s family does not understand him, and question everything about Park. He is compared to his little brother constantly, and his father always hints at Park’s masculinity. However, Eleanor and Park fill the void there parents have left in their wake, and make the couple even more compatible.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell was one of those books that were really hard to put down. There are surprises and circumstances that teach you important lessons, and give you perspective on your own life. This book is sappy and emotional, so if you enjoy all the lovey dovey butterflies, this is a good read for you. Rowell creates two characters so unique and different, but still mesh perfectly; they mesh so well that you are rooting for them the whole book. 100% would read again and again and so forth.

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