Legend by Marie Lu

May 4, 2018

In a dystopian world where the United States has been split into two warring halves, one half, known as The Republic, holds trials for their people to see how much use they can be. June Iparis and Day are the only two people to have ever gotten perfect trial scores of 1500, although one is revered as a prodigy, while the other is the nation’s most wanted criminal. Day, a poor boy from the slums, was thought to have failed his trial and been left for dead, after his perfect score was recorded experiments were undertaken on his body and in the process he was believed to have been dead. He now lives his life on the streets, creating trouble for government with his companion Tess. June Iparis was the other person to get a perfect trial score, but instead of being left for dead, she was taken in as a genius and given the choice for her to do whatever she wants. One of her first missions was to track down Day, for he was believed to have killed her brother. Oonce their paths cross, we find out that there is more than meets the eye to the republic and she soon learns just how corrupt it is.
This was my second time reading this book, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. The dystopian world of Legend found good balance between action, dialogue and romance, while also adding an air of mystery and keeping things light hearted with comic relief. Its dual perspective narrative that looks through both main characters point of views was done very well, as it gave good insight into what both characters thought about the same situation. The book always kept me guessing with a fair amount of plot twists being included. The dynamic amd chemistry between the two main characters shines throughout this book and their budding relationship is one of the things that makes this book hard to put down.

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