Looking for Alaska by John Green

January 19, 2018

The novel Looking for Alaska by John Green tells a story of a mainstream teenage boy, Miles Halter, and his adventures into what he believes is the unknown. Miles wants to explore something new in order to expand his experiences from his routine-like life. Culver Creek is the perfect escape for him. At his new boarding school, Miles quickly befriends his roomate, Chip Martin, or whom everyone called, The Colonel. Miles also receives a new nickname, Pudge, which he would soon identify to more than Miles. What really grabs his attention, though, is Alaska Young. Alaska is a short girl with blond hair, curvy body, and a curious personality. Alaska teaches Miles all there is to life, and how to make the most of it while you are here. She changes Miles introverted personality into one that is exciting and willing to take risks for the ones you love. These three friends encounter a lifetime of experiences all in their junior year. They pull pranks on their vicious dean, The Eagle, and smoke in their dorm rooms while getting drunk. But, what started as fun and risky, ends in a complete catastrophe that shakes all of Culver Creek to the core.
I thoroughly enjoyed Looking for Alaska by John Green and the message behind it. However, I did not like Alaska’s character because she was too mysterious for my liking. I was confused by her actions and reasoning as well as confused by her ongoing question, “How do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering?” (Green 82). I did understand it after the fact, but during the novel the answer to this unanswerable question was dwelled upon far too much. The build up to the conflict was quite slow,but after the main conflict occurred, the novel became very interesting and kept me engaged and wanting to read more and more. Overall, Looking for Alaska is a good read, and is very engaging after the climax of the story, but is dragged on in some areas.

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