Every Day by David Levithan
Choose Your Own Adventure , Romance , Young Adult / September 22, 2017

Each day, a new home. Each day, a new gender. Each day, a new family. Each day, the same love. Every Day, by David Levithan, is the fascinating tale of “A,” a being that occupies a different body every day. Although each day is different for “A,”  there are two rules that stay the same: do not make lasting connections and do not leave any altering effects. He follows these rules precisely, until he meets Rhiannon. When “A” wakes up in Justin’s body, he believes this day will be like any other, until he meets Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon, with whom he feels an instant connection. When their day together finally comes to a close, “A” knows he is breaking his own rule. He falls in love. Each day after, “A” does everything in his power to find his way back to Rhiannon, no matter the consequences to the body he’s in. In this, he loses all of his convictions for the rules to pursue his love for Rhiannon. However, while “A” fights to find Rhiannon again, Rhiannon has trouble seeing “A” as himself, rather than the body that he’s in. Day after day, he makes his way to her with…