Paper Towns – John Green
Drama , Mystery , Realistic Fiction , Romance / April 26, 2016

Paper Towns is about the adventure of a senior is high school, Quentin Jacobsen. He goes on a crazy one night adventure with his neighbor, Margo Roth Spigelman. The next day at school Margo doesn’t show up, but she leaves clues for Quentin to help him find her. The little hints lead Quentin and his friends on a road trip to where they believe she is. I enjoy the dialect he he used when characters talk, and how he makes it sound like a high school student talks, he didn’t make the characters sound to sophisticated for their age.He uses language you would hear in a high school, like “Hey, faggots” or “Don’t shit me around.” Although I liked how passionate Quentin is, he’s chasing after a dream he knows he can never have, and Margo was just leading him on so that she could feel wanted. In the beginning of the book the story starts out really strong but the end is predictable. John Green got lazy and just wanted to end the book. Over all the book was enjoyable to read. Although the ending didn’t meet the my standers, it was a nice story that was worth reading. The movie was an absolute disgrace to the book. if you decide…

The Stranger – Albert Camus
Philosophical Fiction / April 1, 2016

     The book, The Stranger, written by Albert Camus, follows a young man, Meursault, after the death of his mother. Meursault is characterized as an unemotional, shy and effortless man. People are suspicious of him during his mother’s funeral as he keeps to himself, does not show any form of emotion, and refuses to see his mother before she is buried. Additionally, he is displayed as effortless, because he does not put in any efforts in his relationships and friendships. For example, his “girlfriend,” Marie, desperately wants him to marry her, however he does not put in any effort to make her happy and fulfill that dream of hers. Later on in the novel, Meursault commits a murder by shooting an Arab multiple times, and is immediately found and taken into court where he is accused of the murder and is possibly sentenced to death. In the jail he reminisces about how his life has drastically changed. He shows no fear or emotions, even after acknowledging the fact that he could be publicly hanged for the murder he committed.      Albert Camus was an author who was very influenced by the meaning of life, and what it meant to live a fulfilled life….

Vietnam Book One, I Pledge Allegiance – Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch’s I Pledge Allegiance, is a action thriller about a group of friends and their individual experiences in the Vietnam war. Before the war Morris, Rudy, Ivan and Beck were just normal kids. Their friendship was unique though. They had a bond as strong as a family, they made pacts and agreements that they all had to follow. One of the earliest pacts was if one of them got drafted that they all had to fight in the war. They were men of their word after one of them got drafted they all signed up.  Most of the boys didn’t mind but others were leaving behind college. In the end they all ended up going and keeping true their pact. Morris tries to keep their friendship during the war by writing and radio calling when the opportunity came on his boat in the Navy. It is up to Morris who works on a ship giving support to the army to keep his friends alive. Chris Lynch did a decent job of making me feel like I was there, with his description of a battle, on page 96, “We hear the distinctive sound of jet engines shrinking into the distance….