Every Day – David Levithan
Mystery , Romance , Sci-Fi , Young Adult / October 13, 2015

In the novel Every Day by David Levithan, Levithan expresses, through the main character named “A,” what it’s like to live a different life everyday. “A” takes on the gender of a person into whom he jumps for that one day only.  Could you even imagine what it’s like to never wake up in the same body everyday, to never know which gender you’ll be, to never have the same friends, family? “. . . Imagine being homesick, but without having a home” (Levithan 105-106).  Everything’s different. Everything and everyone is stripped away from you after living a person’s life for only one day. Every day is different.  What happens if you make a connection with someone special, or even worse… fall in love? “A” can wake up as a boy who has a broken bone or a girl who has cancer. The possibilities are endless. However, when waking up in a boy named Justin’s body, he establishes the fact the Justin has a girlfriend Rhiannon that “A” falls in love with. He cannot stop thinking about her after he is released from Justin’s body. “A” wants to be with her every second and everyday. Can he? Will life always…