Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Review by Tristan H.

In a breathtaking adventure, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, exploits the challenges some soldiers experienced during World War II. Unbroken is set in the time of World War II, following Louis Zamperini, a former Olympic long distance runner turned bombardier. Hillenbrand manages to put together a story full of pain and sadness, and still make an amazing story. What’s even more fascinating, Unbroken is a true book–Louis Zamperini is a real person who has been through all of the scenes. An important theme in Unbroken is resilience. Louis Zamperini has shown constantly throughout the book that he is a resilient person. For example, despite having cracked ribs and bleeding in pain from getting ganged up on by other runners, he managed to crush the original NCAA Championship record (1,609 meter run) at 4:20, he ran a 4:08.3. After all this, he had only missed the WORLD record by 1.9 seconds. However his run and finish would stand as the NCAA record for nearly 15 years. Despite being injured during the race, he had one of the most stellar performances in a long distance run, ever. Another example of resilience is when Louis is captured by the Japanese Navy, and he was…

Life, the Universe and Everything
Action and Adventure , Comedy , Sci-Fi , War / November 6, 2017

In the story Life, the Universe and Everything, by Douglas Adams, the main conflict of the story are the robots threatening to destroy the Three Pillars recreating the Krikkit wars. The story Follows Arthur Dent, Ford Perfect, and Slartibartfast as they rummage to find what the robots are going to do next. The robots end up going to earth and stealing the ashes of the cricket stump. They also Pillage the ship Heart of Gold and take the core of the ship. This would end up releasing the people of Krikkit remaking the Krikkit wars, which was a whole galaxy fighting against Krikkit. The author chose to write Life, the Universe and Everything because of all the ideas that he had. The books this author writes are usually funny with twists. Reading them gives a feel on the universe and how the aliens around earth are much more powerful than we are, but also a lot more goofy. Overall, Douglas Adams wrote this book for his readers to unwind and have a fun time while reading, while at the same time exploring deep scientific and philosophical questions . Life, the Universe and Everything is the shortest book in the series,…

Armada – Ernest Cline
Sci-Fi , War , Young Adult / May 3, 2016

Ernest Cline starts off introducing the main character, Zack Lightman, a nerdy teen who loves video games. He dreams of his dull boring reality transforming into an exciting sci-fi-filled adventure.  Zack lost his father at an early age and has been raised by his hard-working mother who isn’t home much due to her busy work schedule. Although having an anger problem, Zack is a very smart and caring person. He spends most of time at his part-time job, a video game store owned by his bizarre adult friend. His favorite video game is called Armada, and he and his friends have been obsessed with it. Zack has a special talent at the game and has found himself making, at times, the “world leader board.” His boring life all changes in the blink of an eye, literally, when one day he is sitting in his math class and sees what looks like a U.F.O.  After no one else notices it, he thinks he is just going crazy until he sees the U.F.O again. His whole life is about to change and the destiny of the earth is now in his hands. Cline does a great job of adding suspense and keeping the reader always interested. I found myself not being able…

Vietnam Book One, I Pledge Allegiance – Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch’s I Pledge Allegiance, is a action thriller about a group of friends and their individual experiences in the Vietnam war. Before the war Morris, Rudy, Ivan and Beck were just normal kids. Their friendship was unique though. They had a bond as strong as a family, they made pacts and agreements that they all had to follow. One of the earliest pacts was if one of them got drafted that they all had to fight in the war. They were men of their word after one of them got drafted they all signed up.  Most of the boys didn’t mind but others were leaving behind college. In the end they all ended up going and keeping true their pact. Morris tries to keep their friendship during the war by writing and radio calling when the opportunity came on his boat in the Navy. It is up to Morris who works on a ship giving support to the army to keep his friends alive. Chris Lynch did a decent job of making me feel like I was there, with his description of a battle, on page 96, “We hear the distinctive sound of jet engines shrinking into the distance….