Life of Pi by Yann Martel

The book Life of Pi by Yann Martel tells a story of a young man who was on his way to Canada onboard a cargo ship named Tsimtsum with his family. While carrying dozens of passengers and wild zoo animals, the ship unexpectedly sinks, leaving Pi and a few animals as the only survivors stranded on a single lifeboat. One of these animals includes a bengal tiger, named Richard Parker. Knowing that his whole family is gone and his life is at risk, Pi has to figure out how he can survive with minimal materials and lack of hope. He learns to live alongside a tiger and manages to keep them both alive for many months until they finally end up on the coast of Mexico. He encounters many situations of hopelessness and times of absolute fear, yet he has only one goal in mind- to survive. I really enjoyed reading this book for many reasons; one reason being that the story it tells is unimaginable and even after reading the book, I don’t understand how a young man can be given so many obstacles and still manage to survive, while stranded in the middle of the ocean. I think…

All American Boys

Rashad and Quinn are two people with an astounding story, one being a victim of police brutality and the other watching with disbelief. It starts off with Rashad, an ROTC student, preparing for a party by going to see his brother for money. Along the way, he stops at a corner store to buy a bag of chips. This ends up fatal for him because he becomes a victim of police brutality when a white lady trips over him. As it turns out, Quinn was at Jerry’s Corner Store at that same time and saw the whole thing, from Rashad being pushed on the ground to being beaten and shoved into the squad car. The story maintains its course throughout as Rashad’s friends find out about what has happened. This conflict ropes around the people in and outside of the school into two different groups, creating a schism between friend groups. This story contains what the people go through when they experience police brutality, and the book even explores the mind of what the cop must have thought. Both Rashad and Quinn have an important role to play in the story and fulfill it well, both in their own narratives….