Delirium by Lauren Oliver

December 13, 2017

Lauren Oliver sets Delirium in the future where love has been declared a dangerous disease, which needs to be cured and eradicated. The government decides everything: they choose jobs, partners, your life, and you get no say involving any of these decisions. The government taps all phones, always looking for the same thing: “Sympathizers,” “Invalids,” and love. Sympathizers are people who believe in love and Invalids are those who believe in love as well, but who defy the government and live in the Wilds. A treatment is enforced for everyone who reaches the age of eighteen to have a procedure called the “Cure.” The procedure will take any feelings of love away.

The main character and narrator, Lena Haloway only has ninety-five days left until her treatment, until she is given the cure; then she meets Alex, a boy from the “Wilds”, living under the government’s radar and then everything changes. Lena has had to watch love destroy her mother, and she isn’t about to make the same mistake her mother made. She starts out as a perfect citizen who follows the rules, before slowly turning into a rebel, basically defying the government. She is told from a young age that without love, she’ll be safe and that there will be no pain or suffering. Once Lena learns the truth of everything she has been told, she grows as a stronger character especially when love changes her life because of Alex. Alex teaches Lena to be a stronger, braver, and more independent person by teaching her not be afraid of what others think, to learn what life can be like with love and how much it makes her stronger and more confident. But her past still seems to weigh down on her.

I would definitely recommend this book because Delirium is a thrilling and an exciting book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting to read more. Even though Lena is told at a young age that without love she will live a happy and safe life, it does not mean that with love we can’t have happy fulfilled lives. In our world the importance of friendship and love makes our lives more fulfilled and important. Lauren Oliver’s descriptions throughout the book invoke fear, love, sadness, chills, and shock. I would rate this book a ten out of ten because there is never a dull moment I was not wondering what would happen next. The end you couldn’t expect, leaving you both speechless and heartbroken.


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