Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

November 8, 2017

Louisa Clark’s horizons extend to the Buttered Bun, the Job Center, and back home, and even that’s a stretch. She has barely been farther afield than the neighboring town, and that was simply because the grocery mart was having a sale. Her life is simple: steady job, steady boyfriend, close family. Until the Buttered Bun, the café at which she works, closes, putting Lou out of a job. Her family relies on her income, and the consequences of losing her job are disastrous. So, she takes a well-needed job to be the caretaker of once “king-of-the-world,” Will Traynor. He was badly hurt in an accident and is now paralyzed from the neck down. Before his accident, he was an adventurous millionaire: big deals, extreme sports, and world travel were his forté. Now, however, he broods in the annex of his parent’s house. Louisa is determined to see Will smile, and soon his happiness becomes the key to her heart. When Lou discovers that Will’s hope was gone long before she arrived, she sets out to change his mind.

The outstanding lesson of this book is to not limit yourself and your capabilities. Louisa has set in her mind that she will lead an ordinary life, but when she meets Will, she learns that she does not have to be ordinary. She is smart enough and brave enough to become something more. Will, after his accident, believes he is useless, to himself and to everyone around him, when, really, just his presence in a room makes a world of a difference to those who love him.

However predictable this book may be, I would recommend this novel to any reader who is looking for a heart rending story that will open your eyes in the way of disabilities. Jojo Moyes will entrap you with her truthful yet heartbreaking words about the complexity of love.

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