Life, the Universe and Everything

November 6, 2017

In the story Life, the Universe and Everything, by Douglas Adams, the main conflict of the story are the robots threatening to destroy the Three Pillars recreating the Krikkit wars. The story Follows Arthur Dent, Ford Perfect, and Slartibartfast as they rummage to find what the robots are going to do next. The robots end up going to earth and stealing the ashes of the cricket stump. They also Pillage the ship Heart of Gold and take the core of the ship. This would end up releasing the people of Krikkit remaking the Krikkit wars, which was a whole galaxy fighting against Krikkit.

The author chose to write Life, the Universe and Everything because of all the ideas that he had. The books this author writes are usually funny with twists. Reading them gives a feel on the universe and how the aliens around earth are much more powerful than we are, but also a lot more goofy. Overall, Douglas Adams wrote this book for his readers to unwind and have a fun time while reading, while at the same time exploring deep scientific and philosophical questions .

Life, the Universe and Everything is the shortest book in the series, but it also is the most fun out of the trio. The book itself could have been much more enjoyable, but its size limited its impact on me. However, as the story progresses, it explains in its own funny way the mysteries of the world. The story masks most serious moments with a layer of satire and humor giving it an excellent vibe. Overall, the book enthralls readers and gives them something to laugh about while also thinking about many of the books inventions.

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