Empty by Suzanne Weyn

March 29, 2017

Empty by Suzanne Weyn is a story that takes place in the future, a future that is not too far away from now. Many of the nonrenewable resources are running out, like oil, natural gas and coal. Wars are happening  because countries are fighting for the resources, people are panicking because the price of power and gas are going up like crazy, and people are losing jobs because the stock market crashed.

In this story, the main character, Gwen Jones, lives with her brother, Luke Jones. Gwen attends high school and Luke earns income on the black market by buying and selling gasoline to support the family. Gwen and Luke’s mother left them when they was young, therefore Luke is the only financial support for the family; Gwen and Luke’s father was never a part of their life. Luke knows where to get gasoline when most of the gas stations are closed. However, he illegally stores the gasoline in all types of containers in their garage, which eventually causes a fire and burns down the house. Afterward, a super hurricane lands on the south part of U.S.  As a result, most of the stores had limited food, and people attacked those who came out of a store with a bag on their hand. Ultimately, the old world ended and a new world began.

The author wants to show us the consequences of overusing our resources, which will put us, as human beings, in a dangerous situation. The idea is not to waste resources, not only gas but also clean water, oil, electricity, and etc. . .

I like the big idea that the author try to give us, however, I liked the plot, but I didn’t like the  relationships between the characters.  There was too much unnecessary details about the characters’ relationships. I do recommend this book because it show us what might happen if our energy became limited by natural disasters and diminishing resources.

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