Eleanor and Park, review by Anna K.

March 13, 2017


Eleanor and Park, review  by Anna K.

Moving to a new town and transferring to a different school is not the ideal situation for every highschooler, especially Eleanor. In the novel Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor is different than most of the students at her new school in the flats outside of Omaha; her strange clothes and curly red hair made her stand out from the crowd. Once she walks onto the bus on her first day, she takes a seat next to Park who also lives in her neighborhood. Park is one of the very few Koreans in this town, and he dresses in all black and stays relatively quiet in order to avoid bringing attention to himself.


Eleanor continues to take a seat next to Park as the school year moves forward. They finally break the barrier between them and realize that they both share the same interests. From the moment that Park lends Eleanor his comic books and cassette tapes, their relationship takes off. They both are able to recognize each other’s struggles and help each other out through their problems.

From the first page of this novel, I knew that I would enjoy it. Rowell is able to thoroughly construct this novel in a way that is far beyond others. It was difficult to put this book down, and I only wanted to continue reading more. Even though certain parts were predictable, the ending came unexpected, making me wish that there was an epilogue. I would recommend Eleanor and Park to anyone who wants a quality romance novel.

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