Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Drama / March 3, 2017

Gone Girl, cold, sexy, and mysterious, by Gillian Flynn, begins sweetly with the perfect marriage between Amy and Nick Dunne. On their anniversary, Amy makes crepes as Nick walks blearily down the stairs, watching his pretty wife dust flower off of her cheek. This same day, Amy disappears. Nick arrives home later in the day to find the entire house knocked off-kilter: picture frames crooked, broken glass, knocked over tables. More and more marital problems come forth throughout this book, which steps backwards and forwards in time in multi-month, or year, intervals. It seems a map would be helpful in figuring out the time logs on each chapter, written from the narrative of both Amy and Nick at different points in their “love story”. At different sections and entries, narrator and time frame changes. The book flips from describing their lives as newlyweds to the day they first met, forward to the day Amy went missing, then right back to their first fight. Amy’s diary entries reveal shocking secrets that become more dark and twisted as time goes on, while Nick’s narrations bring a shade of innocence and confusion in their story. The reader becomes conflicted about who to incriminate…