The Boys of Winter by Wayne Coffey
Biography , Non-Fiction , Sports / February 28, 2017

The Boys Of Winter is a nonfiction novel written by Wayne Coffey and is about the 1980 United States men’s olympic hockey team. The foreword is written by Jim Craig, who played goalie for the team. The foreword discusses how Herb Brooks, who was the head coach of the team, tragically passed and is set at the funeral of Brooks. The team was assembled of all college players and set to play national powerhouses, like the Soviet Union and Sweden. They were a unique team, in the fact, since they were college rivals, this lead players, who already had bad blood from playing each other, to believe that players from certain teams were being treated differently. The way they were coach by Brooks was intense. After an exhibition game against Norway in which they were victorious, he kept them on the ice and made them do sprints, even after team doctors advised against it, and even after the rink’s manager turned off all the lights for the night, he just kept pushing. The book is mainly about the “Miracle” game and cuts away from the game to go in depth on a certain player or coach’s life before the olympics…

My Friend Dahmer By Derf Backderf
Graphic Novel , Non-Fiction / February 3, 2017

My Friend Dahmer By Alex G Is a human being born evil? My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf is a graphic novel written from the perspective as one on of the biggest serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffery is a teenage boy who struggled with the social life aspect of life and was always portrayed as being quite odd. Jeffery during his high school years liked to experiment around a lot with smaller animals. He would either cut them open or would put them in acid which would dissolve all their flesh and would be left with the corps of the animal. He then began to eventually works his way to animals that could actually feel real emotions for example, dogs. This gave Jeffrey a rush of excitement that he has never felt in his life. This was my first graphic novel and I loved it. The reason I loved it so much was because it is much easier to understand than a formal book. This was so because I was able to use the pictures as guidance throughout the book to really get a good grasp on what was going on. I also, felt like graphic novel provide a dose…