Looking for Alaska, review by Payton C. and McKenzie R.

December 15, 2016

Looking for Alaska, by John Green, is a young adult romance mystery book that follows the main character, Miles Halter, during his adventures at Culver Creek Boarding School.


The story begins with Miles living in Florida, with his mother and father, during his sophomore year summer. Miles was tired of his predictable and friendless life and he yearned for something more. He decided to transfer to Culver Creek with hopes of meeting new friends and being able to look back on his high school career, in the future, as the best years of his life. During his first semester, his hopes were met and exceeded as he made the best friends he could ask for; Alaska Young, The Colonel, and Takumi. When asked what the best day of his life was, Miles replied saying that it was “..today..” because that was when he and all of his friends hung out and created a prank.


One day, something terrible goes wrong and the hunt is on for Miles and his friends to learn what really happened on the dreadful winter night.


Will Miles and his friends be able to figure out the truth? Or will the little information that the school provided them be all they ever know?
We loved most of this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for something hard to put down. You should be warned, however, the ending might not answer all of your questions and leave you hanging without any clarity. We fell in love with every single character and John Green makes it easy for teenage readers to feel connected with at least one of them. Whether you love romance, mystery or action, Looking for Alaska has it all.

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