Eleanor and Park, review by Caitlin R.

December 15, 2016

Eleanor and Park

The most unexpected friendships can be the best friendships. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell demonstrates the unlikely friendship of an outcast new girl and a boy. Eleanor, who lives with multiple siblings, her mother, and her verbally abusive stepfather, met Park on the bus on the first day. Because there were no open seats, Park offered her a spot next to him; however, his initial greeting was not cheerful. Over time, the two grow a bond based on Park’s comic books that he loans to Eleanor. However, Eleanor is tormented by Park’s friends. Eleanor and Park learn the true meanings of friendship and love during their relationship. By overcoming hardships like the bullying and disapproval by family members, Eleanor and Park’s bond only grows stronger.

Eleanor and Park is one of my favorite books I have read recently. The storyline is engaging. I like this book because it shows that nothing is ever perfect. Eleanor and Park go through many hardships for their relationship. I found every character in the book to be necessary. Each person introduced added to the storyline and further developed the main characters. I would recommend this book to any high schooler. Because the book mostly takes place in school and on the school bus, both of these settings are very familiar to students. This book contains humor, hardship, and romance, engaging any and every audience.

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