Anna and the French Kiss, review by Shalaina P.

December 15, 2016

The book, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is a story about how a girl named Anna is sent off to a boarding school in France. Originally despises her parents for not letting her have a say in what she wants but ends up not only falling in love with France, but a boy named St. Claire too.  The two of them share an incredible connection however, the only burden that keeps them apart is St. Claire’s serious girlfriend named Ellie.  As they grow closer and closer, there is always something that arises which makes them fall back a few steps too.  


Will St. Claire’s love for Anna develop to be so strong that he will have to break up with Ellie? Or will they continue to crave each other but have to remain apart?  
This story was one I could not put down. Each time I stopped reading it, I would always wonder how they would untangle their messy lives to make their relationship work.  I loved the unexpected twists and turns because it would make their love difficult to figure out and would have you understand how they both felt. I would rate this book a nine because it always had me engrossed in the story and wanting me to see how they would solve their problems.   

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