The Glass Castle – Jeanette Walls
Narrative Non-Fiction / November 2, 2016

Review by Caitlin Rogan How would you feel if you never lived anywhere long enough to make friends and you had to dig through dumpsters to find food? The Glass Castle is about Jeannette Walls, a young girl who lived a nomadic lifestyle. Throughout her childhood, Jeannette’s parents, an alcoholic father and a free spirited mother, moved her and her siblings around. Never living anywhere long enough to find her place, Jeannette, now an adult, recalls her childhood and the struggles associated to it. Jeannette’s mother was an artist. She was kind to her children, but unable to support them due to stress. I didn’t like Jeannette’s mother. I found her to be a burden, refusing to leave her abusive husband. She put her kids in danger and was selfish, leaving her kids with no food while she spent their savings on art projects. Jeannette’s father was an alcoholic. While an intelligent man by day, as he was drunk at night, he was abusive. He moved the family often, escaping the tax collectors. I did not like the father. Rex was not a good person, and like the mother, left the kids to mature at a young age. Despite their…

Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins
Drama , Realistic Fiction , Romance , Young Adult / November 2, 2016

Review by Sylvana Soto Attending school in a whole new country away from your parents? Discovering the beautiful attractions of Paris at night? With a pretty boy? Sign me up! Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is about a girl named Anna and her journey attending school in Paris. Her dad forced her to fly off to a whole new country without knowing anyone or a single word of French. Back home, she has her best friends, family, and a possible future boyfriend named Toph. But when she arrives, she meets a boy who goes by the name Étienne St. Clair who she ends up becoming best friends with. But, the more they hang out, the more she realizes that she can’t prevent the butterflies from coming before it’s too late. The only downside, he has a girlfriend, and has had one for the past year. Will Anna’s heart make her risk a friendship in order to be something more with Étienne, or will it lead her to something she’s always been wishing for? At first, I was a bit scared of how the book was going to turn out. Was it going to be too cliche? Too…