Food Rules — Michael Pollan

October 18, 2016

Food Rules, written by Michael Pollan, an American author, activist, and journalist, is a non-fiction food guide to a healthy, slim, disease-free life. The way this book is set up is different than most books that you see; in this book, there are 64 rules that all have a different fact and tip on how to change your daily-food routine for the better. This book opened my mind to the seriousness of food and diet. The rules that tended to stick to me were the ones that i could change right away. As a result, I have made some changes to my diet after reading this book, for example, I have limited eating all forms of processed sugar, I went to the grocery store with my parents to get whole wheat bread instead of white American bread, and I don’t eat as much red meat. If I were to give this book a movie rating, it would surprisingly be PG-13, for good reason. In the book, it could be slightly frightening to the reader because of all the talk of living an obese life, cancers in the GI tract, and horrible diseases that can occur from the so called “Western diet.”

Though this is a non-fiction book, I believe that there is a simple theme that involves healthy living through diet: “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much, ” I think this because in the book the author explains numerous times how persistence is perfection, so if you stay to this general rule, you’re on the path to a better, healthier, life. This book is great for people struggling with figuring out what to eat or if you’re overweight. The author doesn’t want his book to be complicated, and he knows that eating healthfully these days can in fact be difficult, “Eating in our time has gotten complicated” (Pollan ix). This quote is the first sentence in the introduction. This is important to the book because I feel like people who don’t eat healthfully aren’t trying to be unhealthy, they just don’t know how.

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